Tube Handle Tray M

Tube Handle Tray M

from 850.00

A classic tray available in plain finishes or bold patterns, this KIFU PARIS item makes for a stunning piece in any space. Available in other sizes & finishes.

·     Handmade.

·    Shagreen/Pen Shell, bronze-patina brass handles

·     43 x 30.5 x 5 cm  

·     Wipe clean with soft dry cloth.

·     Made in Philippines.


Although inspired by her parents, her collection of Home Accessories and Furniture is a distinct identity of its own. Kifu uses handmade techniques of elaborate inlay patterns of shagreen, shells, semi-precious stones, materials she experienced as a child growing up in her parent’s studio, but interpreted in a younger quirkier way reflecting her youth. From her "jewelry inspired knobs" on decorative boxes, gold bar boxes and an extravagant inlay pattern mix of shagreen and shell inspired by galactic constellations, as seen on her enormous round mirror, is refreshing to see. Kifu embodies whimsical elements throughout her collection and is not afraid to be daring and unexpected in her approach to design. 

All shagreen-covered items should be kept out of direct sunlight, color variants may occur on the stingray and other exotic finishes, but this showcases the Parisian label's commitment to creating authentic luxurious products using natural components. 

Please Note KIFU PARIS's Terms & Conditions. A notification for shipment charges will follow after the order, items that are not currently in stock will result in a 4-6 week lead time. 


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